Build Better Systems is the source for insights into better business, computer, and personal systems. A system is a complex set of components, be it principles, services, objects, or software, that form a greater whole.

Everything is a system, or a machine, from the universe, down to how we experience our reality. It is my mission to help business owners and individuals to understand and apply my approach to designing, building, and growing systems, to improve their lives, and the lives of those around them.

My name is Carl J. Roberts, and I am the author of Build Better Systems. I began my journey when I was twelve, and it’s been exciting, with ups and downs, achievement, fulfillment, success, failure, pain, and struggle.

I began programming at fourteen when my mother gifted me a computer and a JavaScript book, for Christmas. This was long before the fancy libraries of jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, and React, were conceived. Coincidentally, I share my birthday with the release of jQuery, August 26th.

In the fall of 2003, I attended Coleman University, and learned two important lessons that changed my understanding of building systems for the better:

Lesson #1: Pay Attention to Detail (John Ramos)

Absolutely pay attention to the details. Since each system is a machine, each part, and the whole, must work well. If I built a wristwatch, each gear must work well on its own, and with the gears it touches. One detail that gets overlooked could mean I’m late for work five days a week.

Lesson #2: Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design.

Big fancy words. OOAD is taking something, an object, an animal, and analyzing every minute characteristic, behavior, dependency, and relation, and building it into the design of your system. This is done from an objective view, hence the word object-oriented.

It is my mission to help the world build better systems. Not only for computers, but for individuals as well. If offer personal and career advice, sometimes written with humor, on my personal blog.


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